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Video production
Video Production

We offer the following kinds of video production:


1.  Event Photography & Videography

We offer event photography and videography for different kinds of event including Conferences, Business events & dinners, Corporate portraits, headshots and profiles, Exhibitions, Activations, Launches, In-store promotions, Presentations, Meetings, Team-building events, Parties, Special occasions…


2.  Corporate Films

The main goal of corporate films is to effectively deliver the message to the audience, usually used by companies’ supervisors and chairmen to make their message public and understandable to either employees or customers. A corporate film can either be for internal or external purposes. The purpose of an internal film is to make employees feel more included in the company.


3. TV Commercial Advertisement

4. Product Photography & Videography

5. Safety Videos

6. Public Awareness Videos

7. Social Media Promotional Videos

8. Documentaries (music/art/culture, event documentary, science, medicine)

9. 360 Degree Videography

10. Fashion Photography and Videography

11. Time Lapse Videos