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IT Maintenance AMC
IT Maintenance AMC

Latest On IT gurus are ready to provide you with integrated IT services and support throughout the year in the UAE! We are here to ensure your business is running smoothly technical-wise and that nothing hinders your daily operations. Whether on-site or remotely, our professional technicians will be there to offer you the top 24/7 AMC service in the UAE.

You can easily send us your queries via email or call our team directly to check on all the solved issues and others that are under process. Our continuous support and regular maintenance activities will save your time, efforts, and money. We will also be able to monitor remotely your offices' PCs, network, backups, and servers, so that it would be easy and quick to identify, predict, and prevent any technivcal issue. Our team carries out routine checks to make sure your system and technical devices are at their optimal performance.

Latest On is responsible for maintaining and supporting the IT system used by your office. We will:

  • Ensure relevant software, services and equipment are available to you.
  • Respond to support requests — and within a reasonable time, in any case.
  • Do our best to escalate and resolve issues in an appropriate, timely manner.
  • Maintain effective communication with your team at all times.

Our contract covers all of your equipment and required IT services including hardware and peripherals, software support, backup services, and internet connection support. We will always exert our best efforts to provide the necessary support and rectify any technical issues.

Our wide array of services include but not limited to:

  • General troubleshooting
  • Necessary software and hardware changes
  • Backup testing and support
  • Servers support
  • Software updates
  • Monitoring cloud services
  • Monitoring available disk space on servers and company computers
  • General server maintenance
  • Defining potential issues
  • Fixing user errors
  • Raising support requests with third-party providers
  • Maintaining internet connection
  • Monitoring network capacity and performance
  • Checking the status of security software updates
  • Investigating any suspicious activity or unexpected software behavior
  • Mobile device management

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